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Henredon Section Descriptions

Get a closer look

Get a closer look at our products by clicking on the image then zooming in and moving around to see their finer quality details.
Zoom in: Enlarge the products to get a closer look at the quality of detail.
Zoom out: Decrease the size to get a look at the whole product.

When you are zooming in, it can be difficult to get the right section of the product you are looking at, use the arrows to adjust the position of the product to get to exactly where you want to look.
Left Arrow: Move the product to the left of the screen.
Up Arrow: Move the product up.
Down Arrow: Move the product down.
Right Arrow: Move the product to the right.
Reset: Move the product's view back to its original state.

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It's like having your own self-made catalog. Though this does require a login, it only takes a few seconds to fill out the form, and Henredon does not require any secure information.

Print This Page

Print this page allows you to print the details page out in a printer friendly format, so you can refer back to the information you were wanting.

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Helping a friend look for the perfect furniture? Email a link to the exact item you think your friend is looking for.

Need Help?

Have a question on the site? Use the page you are viewing now to help answer some commonly asked questions.

Custom Options

Click the custom options button to view fabrics, custom finish colors (if available on the item), etc.

Product Description

This section describes the item you are viewing in detail. We start out with Henredon Product Number, usually a four digit number followed by a dash and a two digit number. The item number and collection name are also displayed.

Each of the below sections can be clicked on to hide or show the product details

Description: A short paragraph explaining the item.
Dimensions: Get detailed dimensions of the items overall dimensions. Product specific height, width, and inner dimensions are included.
Standard Features: Specific details that pertain to only that item.

Additional Photography

View additional images to get a closer and more detailed look at that one product.

Related Items

A section, defined by Henredon, of items that are related to or work well with the product of interest.

Where to Buy

if you are already logged in to your account, you will get a list of dealers where you can go see the product you are interested in. Otherwise type in your zip code or state to get a list of dealers located near you.