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ITEM #H1306

Hexafleur Chair

Celerie Kemble for Henredon


The quirky shape of this chair back was taken from carved details found on an antique wooden door. The Hexafleur marries geometry with a figurative floral motif. The whimsical form of the pull-though back is made more dramatic with a spiral of welting details that radiate from a center button. The Hexafleur Chair features a tight seat and back, and welt trim.

Inside Width: 20.5” (8 cm)
Inside Depth: 17.25” (7 cm)
Seat Height 19” (7 cm)
Arm Height: 25.5” (10 cm)


Width: 23" (58.42 cm)

Height: 36.25" (92.08 cm)

Depth: 22.25" (56.52 cm)


Lacoste Finish

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