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ITEM #H5800-C-SS

Fireside Sleeper Sofa

Fireside Custom Upholstery


This Fireside Sleeper Sofa features three spring blendown seat cushions, three blendown box edge back pillows, two 22" x 22" relax down throw pillows, and two 20" x 20" relax down throw pillows.

Inside Width: 67.5” (171 cm)
Inside Depth: 20.5” (52 cm)
Seat Height: 19” (48 cm)
Arm Height: 25.5” (65 cm)


Width: 84" (213.36 cm)

Height: 37.5" (95.25 cm)

Depth: 43.5" (110.49 cm)


AS SHOWN: "L" Back, "L" Arm, Dressmaker, 43-6859-11 on body; two 22” throw pillows in 28-5353-471 with FR25-11 trim; two 20” throw pillows in 99-1573-720 with FR61-610 (Dropped Trim FR61-610) trim. Air-Dream Ultra Mattress. Also available in Leather as L6800-C-SS

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