Marble and Stone Care

Marble/Stone are naturally formed over the course of millions of years. While, the surface of the Marble /Stone have been filled and/or polished, the majority of the tops natural characteristics - including veining, hairline fissures, pores, and color variations - remain an intrinsic part of the material's natural beauty, ensuring that each piece of furniture is a unique item to be treasured and enjoyed for many years to come.

• Protect surfaces from scratching, staining, and etching by keeping them free of debris

or sharp objects. Wiping up spills immediately and avoiding contact with chemicals,

particularly acid-based materials.

• Clean with pH neutral products or those especially formulated for use on Marble/Stone.

• After a period of use, apply a penetrating sealer to prevent contaminates from being

absorbed into the top.

• Remove stains with special absorbent poultices formulated for use on Marble/Stone.

• Renew the surface on polished Marble/Stone (identified by its high gloss surface) by

buffing with special Marble/Stone polish powders or creams.

• Do not use polish on tops with a matte finish, which has been honed rather than

polished. (Penetrating sealer may be used on both polished and honed tops)